Terms & Conditions

Read on for terms and conditions regarding the data published on this site.

The Youth Homelessness Databank has been created and is hosted, administered and maintained in compliance with Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Our Data Sharing Agreement can be downloaded from the Related documents menu on the right of this page
Key terms and conditions summarised:

  • Whilst there will be methods in place to ensure the correct format and provenance of data, Centrepoint shall not be required manually to verify the accuracy of the data provided by partners.
  • Centrepoint shall use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the process of uploading data into the Databank does not result in any individuals becoming identified.
  • Centrepoint shall comply with any reasonable request made by a partner to amend or remove any data contributed by a partner
  • Partners providing data shall comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws in relation to the data they provide and use of the data on the site.  
  • Partners shall ensure that the data they provide is accurate, adequate, relevant and up to date (as appropriate).

For full terms and conditions, please see read our Data Sharing Agreement in the Related documents menu on the right of this page.