FAQs - rough sleeping

What about rough sleeping data?

Nationwide data on young people rough sleeping in England is available in annual government publications.

This data is not included in the Youth Homelessness Databank for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is not possible to know how many of these young people are included in the data from central government on statutory homelessness or in the data returned by local auhtorities as part of the Freedom of Information request sent by Centrepoint. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to add these in for comparison.

Secondly, the method used by the government to count the number of rough sleepers means that the figure can be estimated if the local authority think it is low. Therefore this is not an accurate calculation.

Finally, the young people rough sleeper count for many local authorities is extremely low and as such much of the information would have to be redacted as 'less than 5'.

If you would like further information on the rough sleep count, or to view the data, visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/homelessness-statistics

St Mungo's manage a multi-agency database recording information about rough sleepers and the wider street population in London. The data is based upon people seen rough sleeping by outreach teams in London. For more details, go here: http://www.mungos.org/chain

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