Become a data provider

Help us turn youth homelessness data into knowledge

What does it mean to become a data provider?

We are working collaboratively with local councils, charities and housing providers across the country to build a better picture of youth homelessness. The more data we have the closer we get to ending youth homelessness.

If you work with homeless young people you can help!

Becoming a data provider simply means you'll have access to upload your data straight to this beta version of the Youth Homelessness Databank and be able to view it alongside data from other providers across the UK. 

How do I share my data on the site?

1. Register 

Email us at: with the following information:

  • Your name, 
  • The name of your organisation, 
  • Your email address, 
  • The local authority area/s you work in 

That's it! We'll set you up with a login and you can complete our data request and upload your data (see below). 

2. Complete the data request

You can see the type of data we are asking for in the data request documents attached in the Related Documents menu on the right of this page.

The data request can be completed using the excel spreadsheets provided in the Related Documents menu and by following the guidance here: Submitting data guide

3. Upload the data

Once you have completed the data request you can upload your data straight to the Databank, again following the guidance here: Submitting data guide

4. View your data

Once you have uploaded your data it will be available to view on the Databank alongside data from other data providers across the UK.

Contact us

If you have any questions about becoming a data provider (or anything else about the Databank), then get in touch with us. All the contact details for the Youth Homelessness Databank team can be found here: About us